RM Auto Trader (RMAT)


RM Auto Trader

RM Auto Trader AKA RMAT- An EA (Expert Advisor) based on CCI, TCCI, Moving Average & RSI. Simple but very strong and profitable for both scalping & long trade.

RMAT means "Royal Macro Auto Trader". Actually it's an EA (Expert Advisor) based by our RMCI.

What is RMCI ?

RMCI means "Royal Macro Custom Indicators". Actually this is not a single indicator. It's a package of some very usefull indicators. RMCI is a very good indicator for the forex market is trending. This indicator will filter out false signals that exist, so you can maximize profit and avoid the premature exit.

This software consists of two indicator systems that work independently, both acting as a filter for each other. Both have to agree before any trading signal is generated, making your trading incredibly safe and powerful.

For many years the whole forex community has been trying to discover the key to such a level of success... And now it finally came true, giving you the most innovative and easy tool to make your trading as profitable as it has never been ever before.

RMCI is something very unique. Why? It’s simply the only forex tool that utilizes the newest, most powerful smart trading technology that has ever been applied before. It will leave you absolutely stunned each time you trade.

Use the amazing Double RMCI and you will almost always win, gaining more and more profit...

RMCI makes forex trading so easy and so profitable that it might sound surreal. Making accurate market predictions just by looking at your indicator’s signal lines right on the chart without any concerns and worries is no longer a fantasy...

H1 GBPJPY 2 Trades = 281 Pips Total Profit!!!


M15 GBPUSD 100 Pips + 45 Pips + 28 Pips!!! 

3 Easy Trades = 170+ Pips Profit in just a few hours...



3 Trades All Winners - No Losses! 140 Pips Profit!


You might find it hard to believe, but this Indicator RMCI is the kind of tool that could easily generate 200 pips on a daily basis even if you‘ve never traded ever before...

Yes you've read that right. Its amazingly simple interface uses flipping of the signal lines colors, telling you when to enter and when to exit the market. It is very simple to use. I promise.

If you use this indicator you don't even
have to watch how the price is moving...

RMCI prints current trend and buy/sell signals right on your chart window, informing you instantly about the current market status. Watching the price instead of quickly managing your trade entries can turn out to be disastrous. For that exact reason the RMCI was specifically designed to give you an advantage where the most accurate market information can be delivered right to you without even having to look at how a given price is moving along the chart. That’s totally amazing.

What makes Double Trend Profit so special ?

What if you start earning hundreds or even thousands of dollars within the next month or so? What if you all this money would come with absolutely no struggle? Well, believe it or not but with the RMCI it’s just a piece of cake. The RMCI is very user-friendly and extremely profitable. How do I know? Because I have personally created and tested this product myself over and over making sure there is nothing left behind. I assure you that the RMCI can’t fail.

Unlike so many other forex offers out there which all promise to increase your income by ten times overnight, the RMCI is a really working tool made of a powerful combination of 2 unique indicator systems that offer the best results.

Trading signals generated by this tool are incredibly accurate. All future price movements will be printed right on your chart, with a simple and user-friendly interface.

The RMCI is very user-friendly and extremely profitable. How do I know this? I have personally created and tested this product myself over and over making sure there is nothing left behind. I assure you that the RMCI can’t fail. It's truly a discovery.

All you have to do is follow
simple colorful buy and sell signals...

You simply no longer have to deal with any numbers or market analytics, involving complicated calculating procedures that tend to make your life very difficult. Forex trading has now been revolutionized in a sense that making profit can be really easy without any knowledge or trading experience. The new breakthrough technology implemented in RMCI is so powerful but yet so simple, that it gives you a huge potential to trade successfully even if you know nothing about trading. The extraordinary functionality that generates the trading signals based on colorful illustrations along the price is now in fact so simplistic but yet so powerful that even a little child could start winning with it. No jokes! Trading according to simple colors is indeed so pleasant and smooth... It makes forex trading easy and fun.

The most complete Forex software solution
to make you succeed big time!

RMCI is a unique software designed to predict the nearby future price so you can trade without being stuck helpless in front of your charts. The big surprise however, comes in once you discover how simple and easy it is to successfully identify profitable trade entries over and over again without any effort at all. The key success is based on the tool’s ability to analyze the market and give you only the most precise signals of when to enter a trade. First, via the use of its colors which are super easy to follow, and second, via the informer that prints current trend and current signal right on your chart making it impossible to miss. Strictly speaking, this tool was built with the most powerful revolutionary secret formula that makes it easy for ANYONE to simply enter and win highly profitable trades no matter what.

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RM Auto Trader (RMAT)

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