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PGen’s “Password Generator” generates strong, hard-to-guess passwords. It does this by hashing together a master password given by you and the domain name & the login ID of the site you're currently viewing. Just enter your master password and get hashed password for current or specified domain & Login ID.

An Example :

  1. Suppose you need to generate a strongest password for your email account. So, at first run the software.

  1. Now, please, enter domain name of your email server (e.g. Please, exclude http:// or, www.

  1. In this step enter your Login ID (e.g. [email protected])

  1. After then you must enter your master key. You may use the same key every time. Now, Click on “Generate Button”.  Then your password shall be generated successfully. There are two types of password shall be generated. One is “Strong Password” & other is “Normal Password”. You may choose any type by clicking “Copy Password” button.

  1. You don’t need to write down this password anywhere or, remember it. If you need to login your email account then repeat the same procedure with the same data only to get your password. You have to only remember your MASTER KEY. If the master key is different from the previously used master key then your password doesn’t match. So, be careful about your master key. Our advice is – “PLEASE, USE SAME MASTER KEY EVERY TIME”.

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PGen Ver. 2.3.2

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